Washington Grain Alliance is your one stop for finding the best high-quality grains and wheat produce in the state of Washington. We pride ourselves to be a top producer of 100% organic produce that is grown and harvested with only the best equipment and best farming materials. We use only the most efficient harvesting and farming techniques to create our high-quality products. Because of this, our farm is known as one of best mills in the state with many people enjoying our delicious packaged grains. Try our handcrafted blends, and you will not regret it!

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Different Tractors Used in the Farm

When you are farming, you can get the help of machines. They can save you both energy and time when harvesting the crops. Tractors are the most useful machines to use when farming because they allow you to harvest your crops, cut your grass, and do other farming activities with ease. We even have two high quality zero turn mowers. There are generally three main kinds of tractors that are used for agriculture. These are the utility tractors, orchard tractors, and row crop tractors. Utility Tractors The utility tractor is the main type of tractor that is used for plowing ...
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Wheat-Related Foods You Can Prepare with a Smoker

A lot of people smoke their food because it brings out that crispy texture and that delicious charred taste. For those who are not very familiar with how to smoke food, you use the finest propane smoker, which is a cooking machine that enables you to cook different kinds of food at low temperatures in a smoky environment. Smokers are often powered by charcoals, wood, or even electricity, depending on the type of smoker that you buy. While most people just smoke meat for making barbeque dishes, it is actually possible to smoke wheat related food. Not many people smoke ...
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A Day After Hard Work: How Our Family Relax

One of the best things about living on the farm is having the joy of relaxing right away after a hard day of work. I have lived in the city before. However, nothing really beats the environment of a farm. With a strict routine that we follow, there’s a specific time in the day when we work really hard and there are also times when we rest. Heaven is relaxing on my recliner, reviewed as only the best in North America. Our daily routine starts with getting up at dawn in order to prepare for the harvest. From there, we ...
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