One of the best things about living on the farm is having the joy of relaxing right away after a hard day of work. I have lived in the city before. However, nothing really beats the environment of a farm. With a strict routine that we follow, there’s a specific time in the day when we work really hard and there are also times when we rest. Heaven is relaxing on my recliner, reviewed as only the best in North America.

Our daily routine starts with getting up at dawn in order to prepare for the harvest. From there, we would be doing farming activities all day (occasionally taking breaks in between). Some of the things we do are tending the farm, checking on the grains, and harvesting them once they’re ready. When they’re ready, we package them and prepare them for selling.

As part of our daily routine, we also make sure that we monitor our online presence regularly. Aside from farming, we also have to make sure that our website is well maintained and kept interesting so that people will keep on visiting it. That way, we can sell more grains to more customers. Come 4-5pm, we wrap up and take a rest for the day. After that time, we just sit back on our recliners and enjoy relaxing the rest of the day.

Now, living on a farm does have a lot of perks. First of all, the air is very fresh, and there are a lot of trees. This, in itself, already makes the farm life a very healthy one. Living away from the urbanized areas, our life on the farm involves less noise and pollution which makes it a very relaxing one. The scenery here is also beautiful and is something that we always enjoy while we sit on our recliners on our porch. Watching the sunset late in the afternoon and watching our children play on the field are two of our favorite relaxation pastimes.

In our daily life, we get a lot of exercises, do a lot of work, but we also get a lot of rest and relaxation time which for me, is definitely ideal.

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