When you are farming, you can get the help of machines. They can save you both energy and time when harvesting the crops. Tractors are the most useful machines to use when farming because they allow you to harvest your crops, cut your grass, and do other farming activities with ease. We even have two high quality zero turn mowers. There are generally three main kinds of tractors that are used for agriculture. These are the utility tractors, orchard tractors, and row crop tractors.

Utility Tractors

The utility tractor is the main type of tractor that is used for plowing. It can also be used to pull all the other heavy equipped around the farm. The great thing about this kind of tractor is that it is very versatile with its main function being plowing and handling the soil.

Orchard Tractor

The orchard type tractor is the smallest of the three, which makes flexible. You can move the tractor through the farm without hitting anything. It is also high, so you can use it in plucking fruits. Other than that, it can also do basic things like plowing the soil and cutting the grass.

Row Crop Tractor

The row crop tractor is the most useful type of the three because it is versatile. It can plow really well, harrow, chop of weed, cut the grass, and much more. It is also very easy to drive as compared to the other two. It is the best out of the three for cutting grass and other crops on the farm.

These are the three basic types of tractors that you can use for your farm. The type of tractor that you’d use will all depend on the needs of your farm as well as your budget. If you just need something to cut your grass with, you can also purchase a zero turn mower.

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