Jayce has been a farm boy all his life. He grew up on his family’s farm and eventually took over it. When he was learning how to take care of the farm, one of the things that really took his interest was growing grains and harvesting them to create products. His interest and love for grain farming eventually made him go into the grain harvesting business where he would experiment with different types of grain and wheat growing techniques. He then came up with his own system of growing and harvesting which produced some of the best quality grains.

Up until today, he and his family live on the farm to grow grains. His wife, an enthusiastic cook and overall food lover, helps his business by blogging about how to use wheat in everyday cooking. For his family, creating delicious plow to package grain products has become a lifestyle. Using only the best living soil, the best materials for farming, the best equipment, and the most efficient techniques, Jayce has turned his farm into a top farming mill serving some of the most delicious wheat products that can be added to food or be used for creating a multitude of various food products.

With the use of the internet, he and his wife have further promoted the farm, gaining lots of followers and also a number of clienteles. Soon enough, Washington Grain Alliance has turned into one of the most well-loved and well-known grain product providers in the state.