Aside from producing grain products, our farm also has a list of other services. One would be custom farming wherein we grow our grains in different conditions to produce products that are slightly different from usual. With this, we are able to produce custom grains that can be used by businesses to manufacture new kinds of products.

We also offer equipment rental and sale services for those who have their own farm but are short on equipment and machinery. We have a whole range of equipment, from land rollers to tractors and many other useful machines that you can use. You may either rent or buy them. For those who are interested in buying farm equipment, we have brand new equipment and secondhand equipment that you may be interested in if ever you are on a tight budget.

For those who are interested to see how a farm operates, we also have farm tours. Interested people can take a look at our farm and study our crops. Our tours include bringing the group to see how the crops are planted, maintained, or harvested (depending on the season). From there, they will be brought to the mills to show them how grain is turned into wheat and then packaged for selling.