The Washington Grain Alliance is known for producing high-quality organic grains. Some of our products include whole grain, whole grain flour, cereal grain, and pasta flour.

The whole grain type is high in fiber and low in gluten and has a nutty flavor that comes with it. It has a sweet flavor that can be used for baked foods. We harvest this grain through special care in order to have potential density.

The whole wheat or whole grain flour, on the other hand, has a natural nutty taste that can be used for many different kinds of recipes. Whole grain is grinded carefully and finely in order to get the texture.

Pasta flour is also made by our farm. Our grain is finely grounded in order to develop fine pasta flour for selling.

We also have cereal grain which is used for cereal dishes. It has a nutty flavor with high fiber and protein. This cereal grain is milled by being finely split.

These are just some of the types of grains that we provide. Of course, we have more custom grains for you. You have to pick ones that you can monitor well. Don’t start a farm by suddenly choosing all types of grains.